13 Aug 2021

Behind the eating disorder app resource, Love Your Kite


Had you told 12 year old Gen, that someday she was going to develop an app resource to support people through Eating Disorder recovery she wouldn’t have believed you. But then again, she wouldn’t have believed you if you told her she was going to battle Anorexia Nervosa during her teenage years, fight a debilitating battle with OCD and completely lose her way.

Hey, my name is Genevieve (known by most as G or Gen), I am 26 years old, dog mum to a very cute fox terrier called Frankie, Co-Founder of the Mental Health charity Voices of Hope and more recently Co-creator of Love your Kite.

Although I am proud of all those things, one of my proudest achievements to this date is my recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. The toughest fight I hope I ever have to fight.

I felt an incredible amount of shame for what I went through. A feeling that I know many people experience. I worried about labels, about stigma, I worried that I was always going to be known as that girl that has Anorexia, that I would be treated differently, that I would never find love. I remember lying in bed one night thinking of all the reasons I didn’t want to share my story and those reasons became the catalyst as to why I did. I knew in that moment of conflict, that if I was feeling all these things, then others would be too and something within me knew that I had to speak out to help others through their fight.

The first time I shared my story publicly, I was terrified BUT it ended up being the best thing I ever did. It made me realise that there are so many people fighting battles that we know nothing about, that shame cannot survive vulnerability and that the only way to overcome fear is to face it.

From the moment I shared my story my life changed, I found my purpose, my place in this world and ever since that moment, I haven’t stopped sharing because I now wholeheartedly believe in the power of speaking up.

I feel so fortunate to have a voice in this space and I hope to be able to continue to use it to create more change, raise more awareness and allow others to know that recovery IS possible.

Through my advocacy, I have people reaching out to me daily, sharing their own stories, and every single day I am reminded how much more work needs to be done in the Eating Disorder space. This area is under-resourced, there’s still a lack of education as well as stigma and if anything, I hope I can be part of creating change and providing hope to those who are battling an Eating Disorder.

Love Your Kite begins

About 8 months ago I received a message on Linkedin from someone called Hannah Hardy-Jones. She explained to me that she had a wellbeing app platform and that she had received feedback from users that they believed this platform could be adapted to support people through their Eating Disorder Recovery journey. At first it sounded too good to be true, but with an open mind, I jumped on the call and left the zoom feeling inspired, excited and determined to build an app resource that would help people all over the world.

Fast forward to February 2021 (after many days of writing content, gathering insight from other lived experienced individuals, getting professional input and not a lot of sleep) Love your Kite was born; a practical app resource to support people through their Eating Disorder Recovery Journey.  A project that both myself and the incredible Hannah are SO proud of.

So what is Love your Kite?

Love your Kite is a practical resource to support people on their Eating Disorder recovery journey based on the award-winning Kite Program. Kite is based on micro-learning (small practical steps each day) that help make change.

Love your Kite is made up of over 35 weeks worth of activities. It is user-led, meaning you create your own journey by choosing the Kites (modules)  that resonate with you. Each day you will receive a practical and supportive activity that will take you one step closer to your recovery goal. You can save your favourite activities, access additional mental health resources, and use our on the go mindfulness button for quick and easy exercises for those moments where you need some more support.

Love your Kite is not “just an app”. It is not a food tracker or a clinical resource. It is a kind and caring resource that is with you every day- cheering you on. Love your Kite is a community full of the bravest and strongest people who are saying YES to recovery from an Eating Disorder.

Since the launch of Love your Kite we have had well over 1000 users join, from all over the world. It’s been incredible to hear the feedback and to know that is making a difference to so many. We know there are some major barriers to help whether that be cost, waitlists, lack of resources or education and we hope more than anything that Love your Kite can help fill some of these gaps. Love your Kite is not to be used INSTEAD of professional support but it is there to be used in addition to it.

The Kites (modules) cover topics such as; Navigating holidays and social situations, shopping for clothes, gratitude, communicating your needs, finding passion and purpose, comparison and so on. All things that I found very difficult when I was unwell.

One of the messages I often share with people is that I believe recovery is a choice, an Eating Disorder is most definitely not, but recovery is. It is a choice that we have to make every single day and our biggest hope is that Love your Kite makes your recovery journey even just a little bit easier.


Learn more and download:

Instagram – @loveyourkite

Website – www.loveyourkite.com

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