Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Body Kind Families

Helping Australian families to be Body Kind

What is Body Kind Families?

Body Kind Families is a FREE initiative designed to boost parents’/carers’ confidence in promoting positive body image and responding to body image concerns in their teenage children. It supports families to be kind to their own body and to others.   

Body Kind Families is just one part of Butterfly’s Body Kind annual awareness initiative creating environments which support a positive body image for young Australians. Your child may already be at one of the 1,000+ schools taking part in Body Kind Schools, so why not be a Body Kind Family too?



What does Body Kind Families involve?

Body Kind Families is about providing information and resources to help parents/carers connect with the teens in their lives on important topics related to body image and eating and exercise behaviours.  

It includes practical help with:

Responding to a young person speak negatively about their body

Building resilience to social media pressures

Talking to your child about appearance and weight, their own and others

Encouraging healthy relationships with eating and physical activity 

Becoming more compassionate towards your own body

What to do if the teen in your life is struggling




What’s included?

By registering you’ll have access to Body Kind Families resourcewhich have been developed by Butterfly with the support of leading body image experts.  Content is focused on helping you make positive changes, initiate conversations and respond in helpful ways.

Bite-sized videos

Image of digital clip

Covering key topics with supporting tips sheets

Family Resources

Including Let’s Talk..Being Body Kind Family Discussion Cards, 30 days of Being Body Kind, and Dove’s Confidence Kit

Audio Resources

For listening on the go!   

Simply join today and you will be emailed a link to access all these great resources. 



Why Body Kind Families?

Having a positive body image helps people to feel good about themselves and supports mental health and wellbeing.  But the world we live in today can sometimes make that hard, particularly for teenagers.  Whilst it might not always feel like it, parents of teens can still have a really positive influence on the way a child thinks, feels and behaves when it comes to their body and appearance.  Body Kind Families is about helping the teen in your life grow up happy, healthy and body confident. 



Who can take part?

All families, in all homes, Australia wide! If you are looking for resources on body image and younger children Butterfly’s Body Bright Program for primary schools includes family and community resources. 

Share Body Kind Families

You can use these resources to promote Body Kind Families to the families you work with or other agencies.

Thank you

Butterfly would like to thank members of our Stakeholder Reference Group for their guidance and support of Body Kind Families. 

Let’s talk

Find out more about Body Kind Families and Butterfly prevention programs for young people, professionals and parents.


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Experiencing an eating disorder in your family?

Body Kind Families is a prevention focused, health promotion initiative and therefore may not provide families experiencing an eating disorder with the support they may need. For information on Butterfly’s programs for carers or for referrals to treatment, care and support contact Butterfly’s National Helpline.  

Body Kind Families is proudly supported by nib foundation.