Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Love Your Body Week for Families

Creating a positive and healthy body image environment in ALL homes for ALL bodies!


What is Love Your Body Week for Families?

Love Your Body Week for Families invites Australian households to participate in a range of activities that help to foster and promote a healthy body image.

Whatever your home set up, Love Your Body Week for Families encourages body acceptance, respect and appreciation of ALL bodies.

It is a FREE initiative that builds on Butterfly’s Love Your Body Week for Schools, Australia’s largest body positive movement for young people which runs every September.

Why participate?

A home environment that supports body confidence and healthy behaviours is a positive space for EVERYONE! The  messages, attitudes and behaviours that surround people daily play a significant role in how a person thinks, feels and behaves when it comes to their body and appearance.

With Australians spending more time in their homes, now is a great opportunity to talk, challenge, explore and strengthen these attitudes and behaviours in a positive way.


What’s included?

By registering you will have access to a range of online resources including:

  • A free virtual live webinar – giving information and practical advice to help families better understand and promote  positive body image in the home, from the experts at Butterfly.
  • ‘Uniquely Me’ Parent Resource – information and activities to boost your child’s body confidence produced by experts as part of the Dove Self Esteem Project.
  • Love Your Body Week for Families pledge cards and posters -download and add your family’s unique commitments to creating a body confident home!
  • And more…..!


Who can register?

Love Your Body Week for Families has been developed for ALL families in ALL homes, Australia-wide – traditional, blended and extended families and fur baby families too!

After registering (it only takes a minute) you will be sent an email linking you to all the FREE resources.


It can be hard, we understand!  

We understand that the way a person feels about their body is influenced and impacted by many things and that healing from a difficult relationship with our bodies can take time and also professional support.

To ‘Love Your Body’ can be a difficult thing and some may find it easier than others.

Love Your Body Week for Families aims to support behaviours and attitudes that demonstrate body respect and appreciation.  Loving a body in the way we treat and speak to it, is what matters most!

Let’s talk

Find out more about Love Your Body Week activities and Butterfly prevention programs for young people, professionals and parents.


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