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25 Nov 2022

Wandi Nerida wins ACHS Quality Improvement Award

Australia’s first residential facility for eating disorders wins coveted Award for Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety from the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards.

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24 Nov 2022

Please stop weighing students in the classroom: call for educators to sign up for free body image resources

As school staff report a rise in children experiencing body image concerns, Butterfly is urging Australian primary schools to sign up for free teacher and student resources to foster positive body image in children.

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07 Nov 2022

Butterfly wins funding to develop Body Kind Online Education to help strengthen Australian students’ body image on social media

Butterfly Foundation will be tackling body image concerns experienced on social media by high school students head on, thanks to the Australian Government’s $9 million Online Safety Grants Program.

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14 Sep 2022

Australia’s first Body Kind Youth Survey launched today

Butterfly launches national annual Butterfly Body Kind Youth Survey – targeting young people to better understand body image issues as one of the biggest risk factors to developing an eating disorder.

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05 Sep 2022

Don’t watch and wait: Eating disorder organisations urge people to know the signs and act early

This Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week (BIEDAW), 5 to 11 September, Australia’s major eating disorder organisations are encouraging people to know the signs of an eating disorder and take action early on to prevent the mental illness from developing.

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12 Aug 2022

Happy Birthday Wandi Nerida: Australian-First Eating Disorder Recovery Centre Turns One

Butterfly is celebrating the birthday of Australia's first residential eating disorder recovery centre. It’s been a year since the doors of Wandi Nerida opened and began changing the eating disorder treatment landscape in Australia.

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04 Aug 2022

Butterfly empowers teachers to support body image concerns in students with Body Kind Schools program

Body Kind Schools provides free, evidence-informed resources and activities to schools, live webinars for professionals, and Body Kind Leadership workshops for students.

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14 Jul 2022

Season Three of Butterfly’s Body Image & Eating Disorder Podcast Now Available

Butterfly’s award winning podcast, Let’s Talk, is back with Season Three, exploring the historical, cultural and contextual roots of body dissatisfaction and eating disorders.

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23 Jun 2022

Gymnastics Australia announces new collaboration with Butterfly Foundation

Butterfly Foundation CEO Kevin Barrow, said “Butterfly is pleased to be partnering with Gymnastics Australia to support some of the work they doing to promote positive body image within the sport. Body image issues, which can lead to eating disorders and many other mental health challenges, are prevalent in many sports. It’s encouraging to see Gymnastics Australia taking this important first step.”

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02 Jun 2022

Butterfly joins global effort to support carers on World Eating Disorders Action Day this year

With some eating disorder presentations increasing by 63% as a result of the pandemic, carers are facing stress, anguish and burnout like never before.

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31 May 2022

In the Wings – free one-off psychology session for eating disorders

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25 May 2022

Butterfly enlists QMS to spotlight eating disorders as a mental illness that kills more people than the national road toll

An outdoor media campaign to raise awareness of eating disorders – a mental illness that kills more people than the national road toll – has been launched this week by Butterfly Foundation in collaboration with QMS Media.

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