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15 Aug 2017

Tasmanians living with eating disorders to get boost from TRED merger

15 August, 2017 ̶ Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s leading national organisation for eating disorders, proudly announces the merger of Tasmania’s eating disorders organisation, Tasmanian Recovery from Eating Disorders Foundation (TRED), with Butterfly today at Parliament House.

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04 Aug 2017

Australian Health Ministers’ commitment to eating disorders confirmed

4 August, 2017 - Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s leading organisation for eating disorders, was inspired by the collective commitment made by all of Australia’s Health Ministers at yesterday’s COAG Health Minister’s meeting to address the critical need of 1 million Australians with an eating disorder.

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02 Aug 2017

A new era for the National Mental Health Commission

2 August, 2017 - Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s leading national organisation for eating disorders, congratulates Lucy Brogden on her appointment as the new Chair of the National Mental Health Commission (NMHC) today.

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04 Jul 2017

Butterfly issues content warning for viewers of NETFLIX Film ‘To The Bone’

4 July, 2017 - Australia’s leading organisation for eating disorders and body image, Butterfly Foundation, is issuing a viewer warning for Netflix’s upcoming feature film To the Bone.

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29 Jun 2017

Butterfly’s Advice for the Community: NETFLIX Film “To The Bone”

NETFLIX will be releasing the film To The Bone, on the 14th July. This film follows the journey of a 20 year old female who is living with anorexia nervosa. At present, only the trailer has been released.

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15 Jun 2017

A ‘do no harm’ approach to student assignments on eating disorders

Butterfly Education receives many requests for help with student assignments on eating disorders.

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03 May 2017

Suicide up to 31 times more likely for people with an eating disorder

Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s leading organisation for eating disorders, is sounding a MAYDAY alarm on the unacceptable number of eating disorder deaths due to suicide and medical complications in Australia.

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28 Mar 2017

Join our Supporter Circle – Community Fundraising Newsletter

"Butterfly’s programs and services would not be possible without the wonderful generosity from supporters like you." - Butterfly CEO, Christine Morgan

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08 Mar 2017

In conversation with Butterfly’s CEO on International Women’s Day

Our CEO, Christine Morgan, gives insight into what International Women’s Day means to her and shares advice on key issues faced by women in today’s society.

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16 Feb 2017

At Home With Eating Disorders Conference.

Butterfly, in collaboration with F.E.A.S.T (Families Empowered and Supporting the Treatment of Eating Disorders), hosted the third Australian Eating Disorders Conference for Carers in May 2017. The day was a huge success with over 100 carers attending.

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22 Dec 2016

Tips for carers this holiday season.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and other events can be tough when your family member/loved one has an eating disorder. But with strategies and support, it’s possible to reduce stress and enjoy the season.

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08 Dec 2016

Body-image named in top three issues of personal concern for Australian youth.

Young people have put the spotlight on body-image concerns in a new survey, naming it as one of the top three personal issues facing Australian youth.

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