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08 Jun 2021

Australian-First Eating Disorder Recovery Facility Set to Change Lives

More than one million Australians living with an eating disorder have hope for a healthier future following the launch today of the country’s first dedicated recovery centre. Butterfly Residential Care, trading as Wandi Nerida has received more than 660 enquires from people looking for potential admission for themselves or a loved one.

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02 Jun 2021

Butterfly Foundation unites with international network to champion equity for eating disorders on World Eating Disorders Action Day

Up to 195% increase in the need for helpline, online and social support during COVID19 demonstrates the importance of global effort in driving awareness of the needs of those living with any eating disorder and strive for #Equity4EatingDisorders on an international scale. Butterfly unites with the international eating disorder network to champion equity for eating disorders on World Eating Disorders Action Day (WEDAD).

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17 May 2021

Spike in body dissatisfaction affecting young Australians amid warnings of eating disorder risk

Butterfly Foundation is urging Australians to #ChangeThePicture on body image for the sake of our younger generations. Body dissatisfaction is one of the leading risks for the development of an eating disorder, and Butterfly says we need to address the underlying factors at an early age.

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13 May 2021

Butterfly Foundation welcomes Federal Budget $26.9m funding announcement for eating disorders

Butterfly Foundation, the national organisation for eating disorders and body image issues, welcomes the $2.3 billion in additional funding for mental health and suicide prevention, and particularly the $26.9 million of additional support for people with eating disorders and their families, as announced in the Australian Government’s 2021 budget.

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07 Apr 2021

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Get Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues Too

Butterfly Foundation has today launched its #EveryBODYisDeadly campaign to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to talk about body image and eating concerns and reach out to Butterfly for culturally safe support. One in ten Australians will at some stage experience an eating disorder, and many more will experience body image concerns. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience these issues at similar rates to the wider Australian population, with 30% of young people—including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people – saying they’re very concerned about their body image.

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16 Dec 2020

New practice standards for health practitioners to change the landscape for eating disorders

Ahead of a credentialing system for health practitioners treating eating disorders, the Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) has just released clinical practice and training standards for mental health professionals and dietitians.

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07 Dec 2020

A matter of life or death: Critical funds needed to open Australia’s first eating disorder residential recovery centre

$2.5 million needed to open Wandi Nerida and start delivering life-saving care for Australians with these severe and complex mental illnesses, regardless of their financial status.

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18 Nov 2020

Meet KIT: World First Body Image Chatbot

Today we introduce our new body image and eating disorder chatbot KIT! A collaboration between Butterfly and Monash and Swinburne University researchers to help you understand body image or eating concerns fro yourself or a loved one. KIT is available 24/7 to chat whenever & wherever you need support.

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06 Nov 2020

Butterfly Residential Care to solely operate Wandi Nerida, Australia’s first residential eating disorders treatment facility

In a joint statement released today, Butterfly Foundation and endED announced that endED, a Sunshine Coast-based Charity for eating disorders, will hand over its interest and shares in Wandi Nerida. The Butterfly Foundation will focus on the operation of Wandi Nerida and is expected to start recruiting for staff later this year. endED will concentrate on the development of a stepped care facility to support Wandi Nerida and those affected by eating disorders.

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23 Sep 2020

MBS item numbers for eating disorders – benefits, concerns, and recommendations

Butterfly Foundation, the national charity for eating disorders and body image concerns, today launched the results of a community survey about the Medicare Item Numbers for Eating Disorders, including recommendations to further support people to access the help they need.

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16 Sep 2020

Urgent Need for Eating Disorder Support Backed by Federal Government

We are delighted to announce the $450k additional funding from the Federal Government to support the significant increase in demand to its national Helpline as a result of COVID-19.

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04 Sep 2020

Body Image Concerns & Eating Disorders Exacerbated by COVID-19

This year’s Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week (BIEDAW), (6 to 12 September), is more important than ever for over one million Australians living with an eating disorder, as well as many more with body image concerns, as they struggle with the restrictions of COVID-19. 

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