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Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

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Eating disorders in the workplace

With approximately one in five Australian workers experiencing a mental illness at any one time, there’s a chance someone in your workplace might be experiencing an eating disorder. From creating a Body Kind workplace, to changing your language around food, dieting and bodies, here are our top tips for managing eating disorders in the workplace.

Autism, Eating Disorders and Me

Research indicates that 20-30% of adults with eating disorders are also Autistic, and the likelihood of having Autism is more than 15 times higher among people with Anorexia than among those without. But a lack of awareness among the public and healthcare providers means many go undiagnosed, and traditional eating disorder treatment models are often unsuitable for Autistic people. In this blog, Melanie shares her experience with autism and eating disorders, and what would have helped her.

Butterfly releases new research findings to break down the stigma of eating disorders

Butterfly’s Christmas appeal – ‘An Eating Disorder Looks Like Me’ – challenges prevailing stereotypes to show eating disorders don’t have a specific ‘look’ - whether it be body shape, age, cultural background, gender, socio-economic status or even eating disorder presentation

Comprehensive literature review of COVID impact on eating disorders has implications for care

The review, which found that young people and those with existing eating-related issues were most at risk of being impacted by COVID-19, supports Butterfly’s launch of an eating disorder-specific Help Hub – a purpose-built resource to support the mental health of people living with eating disorders and disordered eating.

What does quality eating disorder treatment look like for a person in a larger body?

Monica Catherine shares her experience of navigating eating disorder recovery and treatment in a larger body - and what helped and hindered her journey.

Eating on ‘Auto-Pilot’ in the context of complex trauma

To cope with domestic violence and trauma, Monica turned to binge eating. Here's how she's healing her relationship with food & her body. Trigger warning: Domestic violence, eating disorders and suicidal ideation.