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Butterfly: Let’s Talk podcast

Winner of the 2021 Mental Health Service Sound/Vision Journalism Award

People affected by eating disorders often feel isolated and alone, because the conditions are not something we hear about much. But more than one million Australians are affected by them right now. Butterfly is a voice for change—because everyone deserves care and support.

Our podcast connects you with experts, people with a lived experience and their families and carers. Whether you’re personally affected, you’re caring for a friend or family member, or want to find out more about body image issues and eating disorders, Butterfly: Let’s talk Podcast is a great place to start.

Read about our host Sam Ikin’s lived experience of an eating disorder

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Listen now Season 2, episode 7

What is healthy eating?

In response to food corporations' relentless marketing of addictive junk foods, along with their highly publicised public health impacts, there's increased fear around food and growing interest in healthy eating. This all represents risk for eating disorders.

Listen now Season 2, episode 6

In Depth with social media investigator Dr. Suku Sukunesan

We are all becoming aware that social platforms can drive mental illness, including eating disorders. But according to Applied Social Technology Researcher, Dr Suku Sukunesan, there are more risks than we think.

Listen now Season 2, episode 5

Teens and body image: Starting at home

Adolescence comes with unique developmental needs, a changing body, and heightened awareness of diet industry marketing. Experts break down the influences on teens’ body image, and families share learnings from their experience.

Listen now Season 2, episode 4

In Depth with Paralympian Jessica Smith

In the wake of new focus on mental health in elite athletes, in this episode of In Depth, Olympian Jessica Smith talks candidly about her body image issues and eating disorder, including the story of her recovery.

Listen now Season 2, episode 3

Dealing with difficulties accessing care

It can be hard to access treatment for eating disorders - Barriers include a complex health system, a shortage of trained clinicians, GPs who don’t pick up on the warning signs, and the high cost of treatment. So what do we do?

Listen now Season 2, episode 2

In Depth with treatment pioneer Carolyn Costin

Nobody has had a more profound impact on the treatment of eating disorders than Carolyn Costin. She’s the first guest on our new Let’s Talk In Depth series, which will air every month.

Listen now Season 2, episode 1

Eating disorders and other mental health issues

Eating disorders almost always occur with other mental health issues. In fact, research tells us that 97 percent of the time there are co-occurring conditions. It’s usually a complex situation with different experiences for different people.

Listen now Season 1, episode 13

Ask me anything about eating disorders

In this episode, we’re throwing the podcast open to you. Every month audience members ask us to answer questions about body image and eating disorders. Many of the questions are too important not to answer.

Listen now Season 1, episode 12

Body dissatisfaction starts young: How can we change the picture?

Studies tell us that if you struggle with body image as a young person, you're more likely to feel that way as an adult. You also have increased risk of developing an eating disorder. The troubling news is that more and more young kids are telling us they’re unhappy with their bodies and how they look.

Listen now Season 1, episode 11

Let’s Yarn: Eating and body issues amongst mob

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience body dissatisfaction and eating disorders as much as everyone else. But there are risk factors that are unique to this community, along with unique pathways to recovery.

Listen now Season 1, episode 10

Sports and eating disorders – what’s the connection?

High-performance athletes are Australia's version of royalty. They do superhuman things and adoring fans hail them as heroes, but off the field, they’re human beings. And like all human beings, they are susceptible to body image issues and eating disorders.

Listen now Season 1, episode 9

The tough truth about diets

Every January millions of us start a new diet or health program, and then abandon our new year’s resolutions by February. It can leave those of us who have dropped whatever regime we’ve chosen this year with feelings of failure - and possibly worse about ourselves than before.

Listen now Season 1, episode 8

A game-changing approach to care

Carolyn Costin swears full and complete recovery from an eating disorder is possible. For more than 40 years, she’s been changing lives through her revolutionary model of care. It was the basis for the Monte Nido residential treatment centres in the US, which have helped thousands to fully recover.

Listen now Season 1, episode 7

Navigating the festive season

It’s that time of the year again. Meeting family and old friends to celebrate over food and drink. But for many living with eating disorders, the festive season can be a minefield that sparks anxiety whenever we think about it.

Listen now Season 1, episode 6

Life in recovery

We may not yet fully understand all the causes of eating disorders, but we do know that recovery is always possible. In this episode, Sam Ikin talks to people who have recovered from their eating disorders in order to find out what worked for them. Spoiler alert: It’s usually a bit of a multi-pronged approach.

Listen now Season 1, episode 5

Eating disorders – not what you think

What do you think of when you hear the words “eating disorder''? Chances are, they’re not what you think. This episode is being released for Mental Health Month 2020. With the diverse ways in which eating disorders can occur—along with the many unhelpful myths about them—we’ve gone back to basics.

Listen now Season 1, episode 4

Young people, body image and #socialmedia

Social media is a huge driver of body image issues and young people are particularly at risk. Packed with unrealistic images and ideals, social platforms can be an incubator for mental illness - including eating disorders.

Listen now Season 1, episode 3

Let’s Talk: Gender, sexuality & eating disorders

One million people in Australia will struggle with an eating disorder during their lifetime, and a significant number belong to the LGBTIQA+ community. Yet only 25% of those living with an eating disorder will ever seek help because they don’t fit the stereotype.

Listen now Season 1, episode 2

Men, we need to talk

Men, we need to talk. The stereotypical eating disorder sufferer is a young, wealthy, white woman, but there’s a lot of evidence telling us that the stereotype is inaccurate. Based on current numbers, one in three people living with an eating disorder is male, and there are a lot of men suffering in silence.

Listen now Season 1, episode 1

Let’s Talk: the tyranny of distance

There is a critical shortage of adequate support for people affected by eating disorders who live in regional and remote areas. We can all relate to feelings of frustration and distress after months of living in isolation during the COVID-19 event. But for people who live in remote and regional areas, the experience of isolation from desperately needed services and treatment will continue long after the pandemic has passed.