Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Student presentations

We offer a series of engaging and educational presentations (onsite and virtual) to students from year 5 up to and including year 12 and in tertiary settings in .

Presentations are designed to provide practical strategies to support body confidence and empower young people to reach out for help.

Our talks are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and explore a range of age and developmentally appropriate themes, which encompass the risk and protective factors for body dissatisfaction. These include:

  • Challenging cultural ideals and unhelpful language around appearance
  • Using media and social media positively to inspire body confidence
  • Deciphering unhelpful and potentially harmful health-related messaging
  • Understanding self-esteem, body esteem and celebrating strengths, uniqueness and diversity
  • Managing pressures and combating the inner critic
  • Encouraging help seeking for self and others
  • Debunking myths around eating disorders (for older and tertiary students)

Presentations run for 60 minutes (45 minutes for virtual) and are designed for mixed gender audiences, but can also be delivered to single sex groups.  We also provide schools with pre and post presentation activities to support further learning.

Our presenters are extensively trained and guided to share real-time examples and personal experiences, while adhering to safe practice guidelines for mental health and eating disorder education.


Student presentations we offer

“A big thanks to Suzi for her presentation last week. She was an outstanding presenter and engaged very well with the students and did make connections with them. It was a very worthy talk.” (Teacher, NSW)


“It really broadened and expanded my knowledge as to how ‘fake’ images in magazines or advertisements can be. I think that the presentation really taught me not to compare myself to others, and that I should feel and be happy in my own skin. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was never distracted.” (Student, Year 8)


I am just sending a quick email to say how wonderful it was to have Bethany presenting to 2 of our year 8 classes yesterday! Once again, Bethany was super engaging, informative and fun throughout the hour. I also find it refreshing that Bethany speaks to, rather than at, the students. Bethany even had the attention of a couple of our “challenging” students, so that was brilliant!” (Teacher, VIC)

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