Peter's Story

A battle, which I struggle everyday.


Hi, my name is Peter and I was diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa. I want to share my story!


I’m sharing my story because I want the people out there who are struggling with an eating disorder to get help as soon as possible, and to never let your illness take hold of you for the rest of your life. As I’m still struggling with an eating disorder, it’s a hard battle to fight this mentaI illness, but I believe that I can get better in life by still going to see my psychologist, and talking to my family and friends.


A couple of months ago, I shared a presentation to my high school about ‘the devastating effects from an eating disorder’ and I have inspired others to seek help when needed.


When my family discovered that I had an eating disorder, my mum knew exactly what to do. She took me to the psychologist to seek help. As the psychologist talked to me, she has given me help into my life to control my eating disorder. I still struggle everyday with my body image, but in my honest opinion, I believe that I’m heading the right path to recovery.


Don’t let your eating disorder take over your life. It’s a serious mental illness that can lead to devastating scars into your life. If you, or anyone you know, is struggling or having symptoms of an eating disorder, don’t be scared to tell them and lead them to the right path. An eating disorder is a serious mental illness that should not be ignored.


To all the people who struggle everyday, you’re not alone and there is help available. I know it’s a big struggle in your life, but in my heart, I believe that we can fight this mental illness and try to recover as soon as possible. Don’t give up on life!


I’m so proud of myself to live in a happy life, which I’m so blessed to be in.


Today’s lifestyle, I want to help others because I believe that’s the right decision to do 🙂