Ashleigh 's Story

A Decade Undiagnosed


The first signs started in 2010. At the time I was only 14, I had a desperate need to fit in and attract attention from the boys at school. I always had family stuff going on and some of it quite intense but I thought that was normal. The symptoms gradually became worse and I developed an undiagnosed eating disorder in the same year (anorexia nervosa), it was one of the darkest moments of my life. Fast forward 8 years and many heartbreaking stories later I was admitted to ED with chronic bowel pains and blood in my stool. I got three advanced polyps removed as well as some of my colon. This was because of the habits I performed for all those years prior. This year, 10 years after my first undiagnosed disorder I decided it was time to see a clinical psychologist because I was scared, I knew what I have been doing was not healthy and I was vulnerable. I was diagnosed with my second eating disorder, bulimia nervosa. I have been working with my psychologist now for a year and I have made some incredible changes, I am closer and closer to progress every day by making small steps to ”remission”. I have a lot to thank my psychologist for, but I have even more to thank myself for. If you think you are struggling with any kind of disordered eating, or know someone who is, please reach out for help. I was too ignorant and proud, and because of that I suffered for a decade. I only hope that my story calls out to people like myself, and helps them shed some light on these suffocating and exhausting disorders. You are stronger than you believe!