Tracey's Story

Be Encouraged Brave Warrior


Today as I was home cooking, I really felt that I wanted to encourage women who are walking through recovery.
I wanted to encourage you that deciding to overcome an eating disorder it not an easy decision.
I really wanted to encourage you and say that you are brave.
You are probably thinking no I’m not, I am nowhere near being brave.
You are probably thinking she is not talking about me?
But yes, I am!
I am talking to you, beautiful brave warrior.
You have made a decision to recover and that is being brave.
You are brave warrior because maybe you chose to-
• Get out of bed this morning
• Followed your meal plan
• Asked for help
• Kept your appointment with your counsellor, therapist
• Let someone know that you are struggling
• Decided to be real with someone about how you are feeling
• Had breakfast
• Laughed
• May have cried
• Went out for a coffee with a friend
• Chose to ignore the negative thoughts
• Wrote in your journal
• Prayed
• Read
• Went food shopping
• Listened to music that inspired you
• Stopped and just breathed
Maybe you have been brave in your own way.
Maybe you even thought about doing something on the list above and that is okay.
Sometimes even thinking about doing something is a step towards recovery.
Every day is a step forward to recovery.
Be kind to yourself.
Beautiful Brave Warrior