Jasmine's Story

Healing is not linear


With any mental illness healing is not a straight and successful path for most individuals. It most certainly was not an easy path for me and I’m still on my way to recovery.

Being diagnosed with an eating disorder at any age, any time of your life is a big/serious event to happen, it can take a huge toll on every aspect of your life, just like it did with mine.

There is still to this day stigma around eating disorders as they aren’t commonly spoken about and most people do not understand the complexity of an eating disorder. This can make recovery difficult, but recovery is not impossible.

I have had an eating disorder for most of my life, all my teenage years and now that I am 20, I have had an eating disorder for 3 of my adult years. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard, living with any mental illness is hard but it makes us stronger and more resilient to life’s obstacles.

I have been actively trying my best to recover for about a month now, while it hasn’t been easy, I’ve faced some extremely difficult periods, where I have felt like it’s all too much for me to handle but each and everyday I get up and try my best. Each day my “best” is different and that’s okay too.

Some days all I feel like I can do is stay in bed and what we need to realise is there is nothing wrong with that. We are all on our own journey, I’m on my own eating disorder recovery journey and so will many of you reading this. It is hard, but we all can do it.

Recovery is possible, doesn’t matter how long it takes, how hard it is, we are all strong enough to recover. I am on my eating disorder recovery journey and healing is anything but linear.