Claire's Story

I am not underweight according to BMI, so I felt my struggles were invalidated


Waiting for help.


I have been in recovery from an eating disorder for over a year now. I don’t know when my eating disorder started, all I know is it has ruined my life.


I am writing this to express the need for more public access to help for those in need. Last year in November, my health went down hill due to my eating disorder and I was admitted to hospital. Though it helped my physical health, as soon as I was ‘healthy’ again, I was discharged. Though I was a bit more better, I wish at the time they could’ve offered more ways for me to get the support and help I need.


Now it’s been a year, I am no better. I still struggle tremendously with calories.


I am not underweight according to BMI, so I felt my struggles were invalidated. This is anything but true.


My parents have now had to pay lots of money to get Private Health Insurance in order for me to go into a clinic that specialises in treating eating disorders. I am now almost finished in waiting for the period of 2 months for it to cover psychiatric health. I shouldn’t have to wait to get the help I want. I don’t blame the clinic, as I wish the hospital or the people I see now for my eating disorder told me about it and suggested it.


I blame the fact that right now there is no public psychiatric hospitals where I live in Victoria. For me to get the help I need, I have to pay lots of money and wait for quite awhile. In the meanwhile I am trying to keep myself safe due to having suicidal thoughts. We need to raise awareness and get Australia to put more psychiatric hospitals for eating disorders! Not only for those that are severely underweight, but for those that are struggling mentally and at a healthy BMI range. #RaiseAHand