Marie's Story

My Recovery Story :)


This is my story of recovery from binge eating disorder.

I felt like I was stuck in a disordered eating pattern that I couldn’t get out of. I couldn’t see how things would get any better. But at the same time, I doubted whether what I was experiencing was serious enough to seek help. I am grateful my Mum noticed I was constantly upset, asked me if I wanted help, and set up an appointment for me with a psychologist.

Going to therapy at the beginning was hard. I felt a sense of shame and was quite nervous about being so vulnerable and opening up about such personal experiences with a psychologist. In the start, I felt like giving up on therapy because I felt like I wasn’t getting any better, and was embarrassed by disclosing no change in behaviour each week. I am grateful that in seeking professional help, services provide you with multidisciplinary care. In fact, it was the dietician I met with who told me not to give up on therapy. I thought I was knowledgeable about nutrition (from what I had researched online), but my perspective completely changed for the better through sessions with a dietician.

Not only were my specific food related questions answered, but I participated in body positive activities, and was provided with a list of body positive activists to follow on Instagram. Soon I found myself clearing my social media feed from accounts which didn’t make me feel good about myself and filling it with empowering content.

My psychologist and I persevered and were committed to my treatment. My psychologist assured me that we were working together in my recovery, which enabled me to feel empowered. In our sessions we discussed a comprehensive array of topics which supported my recovery. Furthermore, my psychologist identified underlying anxiety and suggested further support from a psychiatrist.

One challenge for me was being worried about the appointment cost. Eventually I had used up all my Medicare appointments, however, did not feel confident in ending therapy yet. My mum reassured me that she was happy to pay for all the appointments I needed, and that she didn’t have a problem with it. Today, additional Medicare benefits have been established to provide a lot of financial support, so that people can receive the treatment they deserve. In the end funnily, when I felt confident in my recovery, I felt bad telling my therapist this. I didn’t want her to think that I didn’t like seeing her anymore. I stumbled as I tried to voice this at the end of one session. My therapist laughed, and guided me through telling her I didn’t need therapy anymore 😊

Today I feel supported by having trusted friends I can talk honestly with, knowing that there is always professional help around when I need it, and being able to constantly learn about body neutrality/positivity through social media.