Sophie's Story

My recovery!


When I was ten years old I was diagnosed with ‘Anorexia’ (also known as an eating disorder).

At this time in my life I had no idea what Anorexia was…I was too young to understand. I knew something was up, my mood had changed I would suddenly feel cold all the time. I would feel sad and lost. I was losing weight, with my bones showing and fitting into clothes I never used to fit into.

I guess this whole thing started from me examining myself in the mirror, not liking what I see in the reflection. I would consider myself ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ of course now I realise today being 15 that I was never those things it was my mental illness that was controlling my brain into thinking that.

When the doctor diagnosed me with Anorexia I was immediately sent to hospital where I stayed for 2 whole weeks! It was not fun, I was forced to eat and was pushed around in a wheelchair. I missed out on a bit of school as after being in hospital I was to stay home to recover.

Anorexia has changed me into a different but the same person, without this dreadful experience I don’t think I would be the person I am today. I am more aware of these types of situations and understand my mentality more.

It’s been a really hard five years and although I am happy and healthy I do still have those left over thoughts of the Anorexia in the back of my head. I still get upset and insecure about my body but I have a better understanding.

I have been through a lot at my age. I am physically recovered but still on my mental recovery as it’s still a challenge. I see a counsellor regularly which helps. I want to help and inspire others with my story and recovery! I have come a long way and I am shining my way out of this dreadful mental illness.

My anorexia has affected many people including my parents which I am extremely grateful for, without them there is a possibility I may not be alive today. This mental illness has brought pain and tears but now I am shining and proud of how far I’ve come!