Kelly Griffin's Story

My world changed forever


When reflecting on my eating disorder and going back to multiple points along the way – little did I know the ripple effect it was having, nor was I aware of what was about to happen.


For years I had led a “fitness / bodybuilding” focused “lifestyle” – well at least that’s what I called it. I was dedicated to the chosen lifestyle – however I wasn’t fully aware of the ramifications of this way of life for many years. It wasn’t until competing as an amateur bodybuilder in a local competition did my world come tumbling down. I followed the “rules” of a competing bodybuilder and effectively entered into what’s referred to by the Medical Community as “starvation mode”.


The biggest issue for me though – I was unable to get out of this.


I was very quickly diagnosed with Anorexia (I should also point out – I’m a 40 year old Male with 2 Daughters – certainly not the best role model for teenage daughters). After approximately 1 year of fighting and relapsing numerous times – I became extremely medically unstable and ended up in Emergency – twice. The information provided by the Medical team in Emergency was brilliant – but it was the most confronting experience I have had to date – they were surprised I was still alive due to the pressure on my heart. Thanks to the wonderful Medical staff – I was officially classed as “Medically Stable” and immediately moved to an InPatient program.


By far this was the most fantastic environment and if it wasn’t for the Nursing and Medical staff – I am sure I wouldn’t be here today. Upon reaching certain goals – I was released to a “Day / Outpatient Program” to get further Psychological treatment and keep pushing/challenging my Eating Disorder.


I am still fighting – and will everyday now for the rest of my life – however, because of my beautiful daughters I will continue to fight and not let my Eating Disorder win.


It’s tough some days but the fight is worth it – for them.