Jessica's Story

The journey of 16 years at least


When I was in high-school and primary school I was quite shy and kept to myself a lot. Just as I was finishing high-school I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and bulimia.


Now at 34 years old I still have this illness and have gotten to know it well over the years and what are my triggers. I have had quite a number of hospital admissions that have helped me in my life to get better at times. Every single day that I get up I want to enjoy my life and enjoy the beautiful world around me but some days it is still very hard to live what I consider a normal life for me.


I am thankful for lots of support over the years from family and online friends in particular and I also go to church and have support through them as they have come to know me. I have 7 much loved guinea pigs and they are like my therapy pets in my life as well and bring me a sense of responsibility and they are there always with me in my life loving me unconditionally as well no matter what I am going through.


To this day my guinea pigs have been one of my greatest blessings I love looking forward to looking after them each day and they have also been blessings to others along my journey as they have a bit of a give back kind of way about them. I’ve even taken them in to hospital with me at times with admissions. They’ve lived so closely by my side this entire journey so far and are one of my greatest blessings. My guinea pigs have also helped to bring me out of my shyness when I have gone on outings to shops and other places with them. I love them very much and they love cuddles and people.


I also suffer from anxiety. I’ve always found that fighting anorexia is one of the hardest battles of my life and to this day even though I’m not recovered from this illness I spend every day fighting it and doing my best to live a life worth loving and living.