Christelle 's Story

Worth More Than This : Holistically Me


I encountered trauma from a young age and by the time I was in middle primary school, I had developed an unhealthy relationship with food. As a severely depressed 11 year old, I was being bullied more regularly and became subject to more trauma; I subsequently developed Binge Eating Disorder. By then I had already been self harming and over the years to come I would face alcoholism, multiple suicide attempts and severe self harm. I remember eating for comfort right through until I was 17 years old and told that my life was on the line from obesity. I began a relationship with Bulimia Nervosa and went for weight loss surgery a month after turning 18 years old. After losing body weight, the fear of gaining weight enhanced my fear of food. Bulimia Nervosa quickly turned into Anorexia Nervosa as I began severely restricting, purging and over exercising. My weight decreased and my health collapsed. By the 19th of December 2019, I was hooked up to machines and overheard the doctors tell my parents I wouldn’t have lived past Christmas. That was only the beginning. I spent the next few years primarily in hospital, unable to work or study; isolated and wishing my life away. It’s been an incredibly gut-wrenching journey but I celebrated my 21st birthday last year which is something my 13 year old self swore she’d never get to do. I have lost many relationships along the way, this journey has been brutal and my battle extended past impacting only myself. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the support network I had around me (immediate family and my treating team of medical professionals). I am now working fulltime for the department of health (WACHS), I am studying fulltime as a Psychology student and I am qualifying as an Art Therapist this month. I have begun a platform on Instagram where I work to help others through my lived and learned experience. I’m hoping to release my first of many books this year, as well as kickstarting a podcast. I am living proof that recovery is possible and we are worth more than this!