Alexandra's Story

You are never, ever alone


For almost 12 years now, I have observed my sister’s terrifying battle with Anorexia Nervosa. After experiencing severe trauma in her early teenage years, coupled with a family history of mental illness, my sister shrunk to a shell of her former self. I have seen firsthand how this illness isolates and intimidates it’s victims. How it sucks the life, joy and happiness out of every aspect of a victim’s life until they are unable to recollect a life prior to their illness. Anorexia is not just part of a sufferer’s life, it IS their life and the life of their families. I would like to send a message to all people who may be suffering from an ED or those supporting a loved one with an ED, to say that you are never, ever alone.

Reach out to someone….anyone! Make that call, have that conversation! Don’t give up hope or stop looking for an answer. There are so many others out there just like you, wishing that they had a health and social network that supported them. Please raise your voice! The more sufferers and families who raise their voices about this incredibly debilitating illness and the lack of real support it receives, the more likely it is that we will be listened to.