18 Mar 2021

Tips for people struggling with body image issues/EDs during lockdown

  • Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.  It is a difficult time and it is understandable if you are struggling.  This makes you human!
  • Adapting to restrictions that impact eating behaviours and exercise habits can be tough.  If you require support to rework your ‘new routine’ seek that, but also give yourself time to adjust.
  • One of the many positives of recovering from an eating disorder is that positive coping skills and strategies are learned. Draw upon these from your tool kit to support you at this time.
  • Stay calm – it can be unnerving and worrying if some eating disorder thinking and behaviours return. Sharing how your feeling or talking to someone can really help, they may reassure you or may be able to support you with strategies to manage during this time.
  • Reduce your exposure to media and social media, the intensity and negativity can be all consuming and can contribute to negative feelings and thoughts. Control what you can see, hear and read.
  • Curate your social media feed (if you can’t switch it off), surrounding yourself with positivity and light instead. Hobbies, passions, nature, affirmations – non-appearance and non-covid related things can help add positivity into your world. Make it a safe space, rather than a triggering space.
  • Do your best and allow yourself to be human. It is a difficult time. Apply self-kindness and self-compassion.
  • Seek support sooner than later if you are concerned about your thinking and behaviours, or intervening if you are concerned about a loved one is important.