Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

A conversation about boys’ body image

RESET supports schools and other youth, community and sporting organisations in raising awareness of body image issues, reducing stigma and encouraging help seeking in males.

The pressures on boys and young men to look and be a certain way are increasing and body dissatisfaction is on the rise.


RESET, which is now available free of charge, is Australia’s first digital education program, produced by the Butterfly Foundation, designed to start a deeper conversation with boys about negative body image and eating disorders.

It’s about helping adolescent boys realise that they don’t have to sign-up to society’s ‘rules’ about male bodies and masculinity, that bottling-up feelings is never good and talking about this kind of thing and asking for help is OK!

“If this helps boys who are struggling with their eating or body image I would see it as a very worthwhile cause, because I understand from personal experience how anxiety and stress can build up and cause us to have distorted ideas about ourselves and how others view us” 

Thomas (19)


  • A FREE downloadable education program that is accessible Australia wide.
  • Mapped to the Australian Education Curriculum
  • Evidence based and youth informed




Who is RESET for?

  • Male or co-educational groups aged 13 – 18 years
  • Any professional working with young males in schools, youth, sporting or other activity groups

How will RESET help boys?

RESET will encourage conversations with boys about body image. The program aims to:

  • Raise awareness of body image issues in boys
  • Reduce stigma around body image and eating disorders (it’s not just a ‘girl’ thing)
  • Help young men to find their voice and ask for help

What is included in RESET?

Video content

30 minute video content includes unscripted responses from boys and girls aged 13-18 about appearance concerns, societal pressures on males and why boys find it difficult to talk about these things. It includes expert insight from Dr Scott Griffiths (leading male body image researcher) and a lived experience perspective from a young man who developed Anorexia Nervosa while in school.

Facilitator Guide

A comprehensive guide for any professional working with young males in schools, youth, sporting or other activity groups. It explains body image and eating disorders in boys and provides discussion prompts and activities to encourage positive and strong conversations around the themes explored in the video.

Why is this program important?

The facts

  • Over-exercising and an extreme pursuit for muscle growth are often perceived as healthy behaviours for males
  • 90% of adolescent boys report that they exercise primarily to gain muscle
  • Two thirds of adolescent boys report making specific changes to their diet to gain muscle
  • About 370,000 Australian men are experiencing an eating disorder on any given day.
  • 25% of people experiencing Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa are male
  • Almost an equal number of males and females experience binge eating disorder
  • Eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of all psychiatric disorders
  • Suicide rates are 20% higher in eating disorder patients than in the general population



Need support?

Sometimes we need a little help to RESET the conversation about our own bodies and appearance. If you are looking for some support, please contact the Butterfly Foundation National Helpline.