08 Mar 2019

Happy International Women’s Day from Butterfly



Today is Interantional Women’s Day and the theme is #BalanceForBetter.
We asked our team to share with us what IWD means to them.


Consumer & Carer Coordinator
I grew up (and continue to do so) idolising strong, fierce and outspoken women. I surround myself every day with the women who are at the frontline, committed to making the world a better place.
I am a born male who prides myself on embodying female energy. I laugh with women. I cry with women. I respect women. But most of all, I am in awe of women.
The tenacity, resilience and fighting spirit of women globally, gives me hope for a better future. A future where gender unites – not divides.
It is an honour and lifelong privilege to have your energy coursing through my veins.
Here’s to you, queens. Thank you for your continued and unwavering courage.

Admin Assistant, Clinical & Support Services
I think International Women’s day is a day to not only celebrate the achievements of women, but to truly honour one another, regardless of gender. To continue to work together and inspire each other with all we have become and all we have yet to be!

Workplace Development Coordinator, NEDC
Taking a selfie where you can actually read the pins I’m wearing was really hard, but they say “Eliminate Body Hate” and “Take Up Space” – both of which I think are important messages for today, and always.

For me, gender balance and diversity of all kinds is critical to both society and organisations. Organisations have a responsibility to ensure that they reflect the society to which they seek to contribute. We need to ensure our workplaces support this diversity from both a policy and practice perspective.  I remember clearly a story of a young woman looking for a workplace to do her year 10 work experience. She had the annual reports of multiple companies and was flicking through them and throwing them down with a comment, ‘I wouldn’t work for them!’.  When asked the question why she wouldn’t work for them, her response was – ‘look at the picture on the back page.’  That picture was of the Board of Directors and Senior Management Team, and they were mostly men.  Why would I work for them she said, they obviously wouldn’t value my opinion!  The take home for me was obvious, companies that fail to represent diversity of who we are as a society are likely to fail.  Not only because talented women may not join them, but their decision-making may be impaired by lacking sufficient balance and diversity.  That diversity could be gender, or just diversity of opinion, either way diversity is critical.

Admin Assistant, Butterfly National Helpline
As someone who identifies as non-binary, for me it is a day to celebrate the work that women have done in closing the gender gap.  This has paved the way for the next generation of advocacy where equality and acceptance for transgender women (and men) and non-binary folks is making progress.

Manager, Butterfly National Helpline
IWD provides me a moment to reflect on this diverse and powerful group we call women, including our history and achievements- what we have endured and had to fight for. I remember that shockingly, the progress we have made is not uniform across the globe and that we must continue to challenge the status quo and define a future we want to be a part of.

Communications Manager
For me, IWD is a day to appreciate and thank all the wonderful and influential women in my life. Particularly my Mum, who as I have gotten older is not only my Mum but also my best friend, and at times my counsellor (!).

Marketing Manager, Clinical & Support Services
International Women’s Day to me means celebrating our strength when we work together. It also reminds me of my own resilience and that of others in the face of all kinds of challenges – such as recovering from an eating disorder.

Manager, Recovery Support Services
IWD is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the women in our lives that have been role models in many different contexts and who have supported and loved us just as we are. It is also a fundamental focal point to recognise the powerful voice of women and their leadership skills, advocate for gender equality and celebrate these beautiful humans.

Head of Communications & Engagement
For me IWD is not about ‘having it all’. I interpret this year’s theme, #BalanceforBetter, as a call for the support, acknowledgement, and commitment to true gender equality, so that women can balance work, home and education to achieve better outcomes for all.

Fundraising Manager
For me personally, IWD is a day to celebrate being a woman and the incredible women in my life. I would not be the person I am today without them by my side offering me support, guidance, encouragement and pure inspiration each day. Thank you ladies, I’m a very lucky woman!


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