Amanda 's Story

Finding Hope


Hope. The most important part of a recovery journey. The belief that things will get better and that you will not suffer indefinitely. This was the catalyst that prompted my transition from a young woman with an eating disorder to a woman with the potential to work, socialise and study without this as a barrier.

It might seem as though you will be stuck with your eating disorder for life, but it is possible to recover. I have seen many women and men with perseverance and strength beyond imagination fight their illness. It is not always a smooth journey, but recovery never is. After spending half of my life obsessed with my weight and body, I have found peace. That is not to say that I do not still fight for a ‘normal’ life every day, but this has become easier with time.

I wish nothing but the best to everyone struggling with their own demons. Know that change is possible, and that having the support of friends, family and professionals makes all the difference. I believe in you.