Millie's Story

I’m free.


Those long, sleepless, hungry nights. I remember them, they were hard, scary and lonely and recovery will also be hard but at it is time to take that leap of faith.

Something that helped me when I was afraid and sick was asking myself what my future goals are, its completely fine if you don’t know just yet I know Anorexia can take away all your hopes and dreams but what are you fighting for, your family? freedom? happiness? friends? yourself?.

There is many reasons to fight and you may not see them or believe that there is. Isn’t scary to try imagine your life without your safety blanket and your coping mechanism it is, it really is but you have to know that controlling food isn’t your safety blanket that voice its lying to you. It gets better, you will find new healthy coping mechanisms.

You are loved and worthy, you deserve full recovery. I’m free i never thought I would say those words but after 4 years of fighting I can go out with friends and enjoy a Sunday afternoon coffee and cake with the sun shining on my life.