Olivia's Story

It’s not about…


It’s not about a consequence of the media, it’s about numbing something that is hurting deep within you.


It’s not about appearing too small, it’s about misconceiving your body as too big.


It’s not about getting down to a size zero, it’s about existing in a world that you don’t believe you fit into.


It’s not about a lack of hunger, it’s about being starving, but feeling undeserving of fulfilling such emptiness.


It’s not about not desiring to eat, it’s about being too afraid to.


It’s not about disliking food, it’s about not enjoying the matter of it inside of you.


It’s not about seeking to be thin, it’s about not being able to live within your skin.


It’s not about efforts for attention, it’s about shame; guilt, and a self-loathing thought after thought; as you beg to hide and disappear via a lack of nutrition.


It’s not about an immature child whom will, simply, grow out of it, it’s about being controlled by another voice that you constantly have to fight from inside the confines of your own mind.


It’s not about idiocy, it’s about a reality that you want to check out of, and compulsions that surpass even your values and morals.


It’s not about sole weight gain or quick fixes, it’s about a lifelong journey to escape an illness, that traps you just like an addiction.


It’s not about fads or diets that ‘too’ shall pass, it’s about the fact that it’s just as serious as cancer, and just as similar to depression; in that we don’t always know why, but what we do know, is that eating disorders are insidious, and they try to take lives.


It’s not about a mentality to judge or run from, it’s about a person dealing with a problem, just like all of us have…and needing support and acceptance to get through, just like all of us do.