Tianna's Story



At the age of 18 I found myself lost. What was I to do, why was everyone moving away, why did I feel sad, why am I withdrawing myself from family events, why was I so obsessed with what others thought about me and why the heck have I become so anxious?

I was suffering from an eating disorder; bulimia nervosa which led to anorexia, and depression. My face beamed with a smile each time I left the house, but deep down, I hurt and I was so weak. My parents supported me and helped me through this challenging time in my life – which lasted years. One step forward 4 steps back.. it was so hard! I saw psychologists, dietitians and frequently visited a hospital where I was weighed. I wanted so bad to be better, not for me… but for my parents.

With many set backs, tears, family dinners and panic attacks, it had been months that I could be proud of myself. Months turned to years. I am cured. I am a healthy young lady 10 years older, I wanted to help others in the same shoes as I. So I studied to become a nurse, completed a graduate program where I was once a patient.

I show my gratitude every single day, thankful for my parents, thankful for my friends and thankful for the care I received. Life is so short. I am grateful for good health. Thank you.