Jeanette's Story

Rise Again


In the grip of anorexia some days the struggle is too much, too hard and too long.
This illness can destroy so much of your life but don’t allow it to steal the faith in your ability to fight back.
Rise Again
When there’s nowhere left to run
No remaining place to hide,
How do you escape the turmoil
That keeps burning deep inside?
Hands stretched out to reach you
But you couldn’t get a grasp
So you fall alone in sadness,
Will this chapter be your last?
Then a voice gently whispers
Please get up from the floor
And try to write another page
Let your story shine once more.
Destroy the thoughts that tangled
Your mind and bled your soul,
Breathe life into the broken spirit
That’s still longing to be whole.
Reach again and hold those hands,
Be brave when the road seems long
For love will gently lead the way,
Keep focused and stay strong.
A determine spirit will rise again,
With those tangled thoughts undone
And you’ll stand still in victory
This time you know you’ve won.