Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Talk to someone now. Call our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673. You can also chat online or email

Face to face support groups

Support for people experiencing an eating disorder or body image issue and for their carers, friends and family.

You’re not alone. Learn from others’ experiences in a safe space. Support groups can be an important support for recovery – whether for your own, or if you’re supporting someone experiencing an eating or body image disorder.

Note: all our face-to-face programs are going virtual while COVID-19 isolation measures are in place. You will receive personalised support through a small group video-conferencing format.


Support services in Hobart and Sydney (currently online)

Butterfly usually runs support groups and other support services in Crows Nest, NSW and Hobart, Tasmania but these groups are running online until we are able to meet again face-to-face.

Not in either of these locations?

Join our online support groups

Why join a support group?

Connect with others in a safe space

Find hope and inspiration through other’s experiences

Learn skills and strategies to develop helpful thoughts and behaviours

Meet our support groups team

Jessica facilitates Sydney recovery support groups.

Jessica has been a counsellor on the Butterfly National Helpline for over two years and has more recently taken on the additional role as a support group facilitator.

With a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Jessica understands the complex nature of eating disorders and uses her counselling skills to guide people with lived experiences.

Dedicated and passionate about working with eating disorders, Jessica is guided by her compassionate and curious nature to support those in need.

Jessica works to help you connect to your inner “healthy-self” and realise your full potential, one that she believes is deserved.

Through her work she hopes to increase understanding and available support for people experiencing eating disorder.

Archana facilitates Sydney carer support groups.

Archana facilitates the carer support group and has also facilitated the recovery support group.  In addition to working on Butterfly’s National Helpline Archana is completing a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling, and holds a Bachelor of Counselling.

She recently co-facilitated a six-week workshop “Understanding Eating Disorder Recovery for Carers”, helping carers to develop practical skills to help their loved one through recovery.

As a mother of two girls, Archana feels passionate about empowering carers in supporting their loved one through their recovery.

Georgina facilitates Hobart recovery and carer support groups.

Georgina is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, passionate about health, nutrition, and positive body image.

She grew up in Tasmania, and knew from a young age that she wanted to work in this sector.

She studied a Bachelor of Health Science at UTAS before moving to the ACT to complete her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Since graduating in 2017 she has worked as a dietitian in the community, at Calvary Hospital and in private practice. She is very passionate about her current work with Butterfly, as she believes helping those struggling find support and the right care is so important.

She believe every BODY deserves to be well nourished and loved, and is a dream come true to work with this organisation

When not working, you can find Georgina exploring the beautiful island state, taking a dance class or performing in a musical.

Hobart support groups are supported by the Crown, through the Tasmanian Department of Health. 

Rebecca facilitates Hobart carer support groups.

Rebecca has lived experience as a carer for her daughter who developed an eating disorder at 19.  Both Rebecca and her ex-husband work in the medical field, but they became frustrated at the difficulties of finding the right care for their daughter.

Rebecca and her daughter relocated to Sydney for 10 months following her daughters’ hospitalisation and participated in Butterfly’s Intensive Outpatient Program. Rebecca’s daughter is now 22, traveling the recovery road and doing well.

Despite the move to Sydney helping Rebecca and her daughter it was isolating to be far from home. This has led Rebecca to join as a support group facilitator because she is passionate about improving the availability of care to Tasmanian’s experiencing eating disorders.  She brings compassion and understanding to the support groups by providing experience-based support to carers.

Hobart support groups are supported by the Crown, through the Tasmanian Department of Health

Beth facilitates recovery support groups

Beth is passionate about helping people recover from eating disorders after having a lived experience for most of her life. She believes that everybody deserves to be able to discover a positive body image.

She studied Nutrition and Health Promotion at USC and is driven by HP principles; equity and empowerment for all. Beth has been a Peer Support Facilitator for 2 years. She began volunteering for Butterfly after moving to Tasmania from Sydney where she worked for the Eating Disorder Intensive Program for Adolescents. Beth believes working as a Peer Support Facilitator is an important part of breaking the stigma and showing people that they too can recover.

Sarah facilitates recovery support groups

She experienced an eating disorder through her teen years. Sarah believes that she went through her eating disorder for a reason and that reason is to help other people recover from theirs.

Sarah is very passionate about caring for others and helping others succeed. She hopes to help others flourish in their recovery from an eating disorder and wants to share her story for good!

Rhiannon facilitates recovery support groups

Rhiannon joined The Butterfly Foundation as a Peer Support Facilitator in Hobart in 2019. She tributes her personal involvement with TRED inc (Tasmania Recovery from Eating Disorders) in initiating her own recovery pathway and now advocates the value of lived-experience in support settings. Rhiannon is currently completing her Master’s in Social Work at UTAS.

Jessica facilitates recovery support groups

The lived experience Jessica has with an eating disorder encouraged her to pass on the support she received to recover to others seeking help. It feels important for Jess to share with others the reality of recovery and that it absolutely is possible.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Psychology & Health Promotion) and working towards becoming a certified Psychologist specialising in the field of eating disorders.

Depending on the season Jess loves to curl up with cups of coffee and a good book, work on her art, or be outside running and hiking with friends and family. She feels incredibly grateful to live in Tasmania, after moving here from Queensland 3 years ago, and hopes to leave as much of a positive impact on the land as it has on her.

Other services in Hobart, Tasmania

One-to-one support

Our Hobart team can provide you with general support and referrals to local health professionals and services. For more information please contact Georgina, Mondays-Wednesdays on or 0474 004 443

Carer recovery programs

Our peer support facilitators, accompanied by our registered psychologist, run regular programs to support carers, families and friends in their important roles in supporting recovery. Find out more about our Collaborative Care Skills Workshop.


Recovery and carer programs in Sydney

From Butterfly House, in Crows Nest, Sydney, we also run recovery programs:

Collaborative Care Skills Workshop (currently online)

An evidence-based workshop run by our qualified counsellors, designed to train and support carers in their role, providing practical skills to support a loved one progress in their recovery. Find out more [LINK to Collaborative Care Skills Workshop page].

Emerging program for those experiencing or recovering from an eating disorder

This eight-week skills-based program for people experiencing or recovering from eating disorders helps you to re-engage with your healthy self. It looks at positive thinking and feelings about your body and food, provides new inspiration towards wellness and gives you renewed hope for recovery.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our Helpline can give you referrals to services and health practitioners around Australia or just provide support when you need it.

Whether you need support for yourself or someone you care about, call our free and confidential Helpline on 1800 ED HOPE (1800 33 4673), chat online or email.